Monday, April 19, 2010

A Nice Day

Today was a nice day.  Nothing particularly exciting happened but that's OK some times.  Allyson and I slept in till about 8:15, which is pretty good for the weekend.  After awhile I started sorting the laundry into piles, it was $10 worth this week.  I don't really count the number of loads of laundry I do as much as how much it will cost me.  $10 of laundry is five loads, pretty typical for us.  I probably do laundry 3 times a month and let it pile up an extra week once a month which just means more the next week.  So about $40 a month on laundry, plus the cost of soap and stain remover, I think it's ridiculous.  But I don't want to be smelly, so I do it, haha!  So anyway... I did laundry this morning and this by this evening it was all folded AND put away.  Usually I put off putting it away for awhile.

Allyson played with her dollhouse and dolly's a lot today.  It is so funny to listen to her talk for them.  Especially when she says the kinds of things I say to her to them.  For example, she tells them to listen, she asks them if they have to go potty and tells them to be patient. 

I was ready for a nap around 1:30.  Allyson decided to nap on the recliner, "like papa does".  So I tucked her in and went to my room to lay down.  She came in and checked on me, I sent her back to the living room.  She came back and said she wanted to nap in her room, I said fine.  She same in again and I ignored her.  She poked me a couple of times but didn't say anything.  She left and it got real quiet so I figured she went back to sleep in her room.  When I got up I took a quick shower and went looking for her (it was 3:45).  I foun her in the living room curled up in the recliner covered with a blanket and snuggled with about 6 of her stuffed animals.  I sat on the couch to read a magazine and she poked her head up to tell me that she was not napping (even though she clearly was).  Within 2 minutes she was out cold again, huffing and puffing in her sleep.  Watching kids sleep is great, they are so peaceful and cute. 

Eventually she got up and I started making supper.  I grilled some sausage and we had baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon and an orange.  Allyson pretty much just ate the fruit.  She agreed to taste the pasta salad but declared it was "yucky".  She refused to try the beans and kept saying "yyyuuuccckk, that looks like doggy poop!"  So supper was not a hit!

We went to church this evening and Allyson was really well behaved.  We had to take a trip to the potty mid-service.  She did really well this weekend with the potty-training.  She had a couple of accidents but ultiple success' with #2 which made me very happy.  After church we came home and had popcorn and watched Dora.  Bedtime went pretty well.  I sat in bed with her and re-tied the parts of her tie blanket which had come undone.  She kept scooting next to me and kissing me on the cheek and giving me hugs.  Such a sweetheart.

Back to work tomorrow. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ketchup... whoops, I mean Catch-Up!

How can it be that April is almost over?  Time has just been flying by.  I've said several times this month that it seems like I'm in a time warp.

April 4th was Easter.  I was off of work on Good Friday which turned out to be a blessing because we had a major snow storm blow through and cause a lot of driving issues that day.  However, the cable-guy was working through the storm.  He came to my place soaking wet from having been outside, but he was nice and got my DVR installed in no time.  That's right, I have a DVR again!  I never have to miss a show again!  I love it, the only bad part is that I am so busy watching all of my favorite shows in the evening, I've been too busy to blog.  Saturday the weather was better and we were able to drive  to my parents house.  We dyed easter eggs and had fun outside throwing slushy snowballs at each other.  Easter morning Allyson put on her beautiful Easter dress and we went to church.  While we were in church the Easter Bunny stopped by mom and dad's house and hid eggs and Allyson's basket.  She had fun searching for everything and exploring the gifts she got.

I went to Ladies Night Out on April 8th and as usual had a great time.  This month it was at The Blarney Stone, and Irish pub that is fairly new in town.  Then on April 10th my friend S and I went to the Martina McBride/Trace Atkins concert at the Civic Center.  I really like Martina so I enjoyed the show.  S got us a great deal on the tickets by using her military discount. 

This week went by quickly too.  Friday was my dad's birthday so I baked him a quadruple chocolate cake, it turned out great!  It was a chocoate cake mix with chocolate puding added, chocolate chips mixed and drizzled with chocolate frosting as well as caramel and nuts.  Mmmmm!  We had also gone out to dinner with them and then decided to stop by a park  near my apartment to wear off some of Allyson's energy before going home to eat the cake.  It was a beautiful day, probably the nicest spring day we have had yet.

Today Allyson and I went shopping and bought a new grill, some b-day party items for her upcoming party and we each got a pair of shoes.  Allyson got silver Dora sandles that light up and I got a very cute pair of black shoes.  She refused to try hers on so I'm hoping they fit.  It took me over 3.5 hours to put the new grill together this afternoon!  OMG, it was crazy!  I have put together a lot of stuff, entertainment centers, dressers, baby gear and more but this grill was the worst.  But it is together now and I grilled myself a yummy steak and some foil-pouch potatoes this evening and that made it all worth it.  I love to grill!!  Steaks, brats, chops, chicken, even fish and vegies, it all  tastes better on the grill!

That is a very abbreviated version of the past couple of weeks!  We have fun stuff coming up this week.  My brother D is coming home on Saturday for a visit and we will be celebrating his birthday and Allyson's birthday on Sunday, each about a week early.  I still need to get a cake ordered for her.  She picked out Dora plates, whistles and stickers for her party.  Whistles, my dad will love it, haha!  Saturday we are also going to the wedding of one of my cousins.  It will be here in town and I know Allyson will have so much fun dancing all night long.

I can't promise to update more often, but I'll try!