Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After work today Allyson said that she wanted to go shopping.  This really came as no surprise, because she says that pretty much every day on the drive home from daycare.  But today I kind of felt like shopping too.  I'm not sure why, since tomorrow I'm spending a crapload of money on new tires for my car, but we went shopping anyway.  Our first stop was TJ Maxx.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but ended up finding some great deals on toys.  I'm almost tempted to go back tomorrow and pick up a few more.  They had several selection of Melissa & Doug brand toys.  I love that brand of toys because they seem 'wholesome', most are made of wood, they are good quality, classic toys.  Today I picked up a cube puzzle.  It is 16 blocks that rotate to form 6 pictures of farmyard animals.  I'm debating about picking up the one with house pets on it since Allyson had so much fun playing with the one we bought today.  I also got a set of M&D set of toy food, item to pretend shopping or cooking, wood containers of rice, ketchup, orange juice, etc.  We also got a birthday gift for a friend of Allyson's. 

Then I decided to stop over at Shoe Carnival.  Allyson got a new pair of sandles for her birthday, but I don't think they fit the best (too wide or something) and she keeps tripping in them and in a pair of Croc's she has.  So we went hunting for something better.  Shoe Carnival was having a Buy One Get One for 1/2 off sale so I got her two pairs.  They are the first name brand shoes I have bought for her.  All of her other shoes have been from Target, Payless or similar stores. Today I got her a pair of pink Nike sandles that are not bulky and I think fit pretty well.  She also got a pair of Sketchers tennis shoes.  They are pink and white and instead of laces they have elastic laces and close with a velcro strap that tightens the elastic.  They are very cute but look so big on her feet!  She measured at a size 10 so that is what I got.  The pair of shoes she was wearing today all day (kind of a casual loafer-type) were a size 9, she toes must have been smooshed in there, but she said they weren't.  Her feet haven't grown much lately so I decided it would be alright to spend a little more on shoes if she could wear them longer..... I'm sure I just jinxed myself and now she will start growing like a weed again, haha!!

Once we got home we played with the new puzzle, cooked supper, watched Blues Clues on VHS (yes, VHS), Ally took a bath and now I'm watching Deadliest Catch on the DVR.  Allyson has been asking for Blues Clues the past couple of days, it's the frst time we've watched it at home, but she is familiar with it so she must have watched it at daycare.

Tomorrow will be another busy evening.  I have an appointment to get the new tires for my car at 4:30 so we will have to hurry over there.  I took the car in for an oil change yesterday and they told me that one of my tires has a nail in the side wall of the tire (those can't be patched).  But that wasn't the worst news, with an all-wheel-drive vehicle like mine, all tires have to have the same tread left on them otherwise they don't spin symetrically and it damages the car.  So if the tires have over 15,000 miles on them it is necessary to replace ALL of the tires when one needs replacing.  My tires have almost 30,000 miles on them so that is why I'm getting 4 new ones instead of just one new one.  The Subaru dealership quoted me a price, but I called around to 3 other places to compare rates and found a good set of tires for about $180 less than the dealership prices.  So instead of getting a digital camcorder I am getting tires.  Boo!!  Oh well, I need to drive and I'll save up and get the camcorder soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


What a goofball!  Last evening Allyson came out of her room with this bucket on her head.  As you can see she has the bucket handle over her nose, she thought it was SOOOO funny!  She laughed and laughed and tried breathing out of her nose and making piggy noises.  But with the strap over her nose it wasn't working and she thought that was even more funny!  I was laughing at her and that just made her get more silly.

Later in the evening it was raining so she put on her jacket and took her Dora umbrella outisde on the patio, she was amazed that she wasn't getting wet while under the umbrella.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her out in the rain, but it was pretty cute.  After she had gone to bed I used the Dora umbrella to go across the street to the mailbox, it was handy to have since my umbrella is in the car.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Allyson!

Happy birthday to my special girl.  Allyson turned three today!  I love you sweetie.

She has had three parties and to be honest I think she is a little overwhelmed by it all.  We had a great party last weekend when my brother was in town visiting.  Allyson had a Dora cake.  Then she had a party on Friday at daycare and we took rice krispie treats for snack.  Then this weekend we went to Harvey and had a party with her dad's side of the family.  The party was on Saturday and she had a fun time playing with friends and cousins and opening gifts of course.  At that party her cake had Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on it. 

We came home today and were only home for 1/2 hour before heading to church.  After church we had a late supper and then colored a picture from a new coloring book she got as a birthday gift.

I am pretty much exhausted from this weekend, so the update is short!  But we had a nice time visiting everyone and the bags will havve to wait until tomorrow to be unpacked, I'm headed to bed.