Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Allyson!

Happy birthday to my special girl.  Allyson turned three today!  I love you sweetie.

She has had three parties and to be honest I think she is a little overwhelmed by it all.  We had a great party last weekend when my brother was in town visiting.  Allyson had a Dora cake.  Then she had a party on Friday at daycare and we took rice krispie treats for snack.  Then this weekend we went to Harvey and had a party with her dad's side of the family.  The party was on Saturday and she had a fun time playing with friends and cousins and opening gifts of course.  At that party her cake had Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on it. 

We came home today and were only home for 1/2 hour before heading to church.  After church we had a late supper and then colored a picture from a new coloring book she got as a birthday gift.

I am pretty much exhausted from this weekend, so the update is short!  But we had a nice time visiting everyone and the bags will havve to wait until tomorrow to be unpacked, I'm headed to bed.

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