Saturday, May 22, 2010


What a goofball!  Last evening Allyson came out of her room with this bucket on her head.  As you can see she has the bucket handle over her nose, she thought it was SOOOO funny!  She laughed and laughed and tried breathing out of her nose and making piggy noises.  But with the strap over her nose it wasn't working and she thought that was even more funny!  I was laughing at her and that just made her get more silly.

Later in the evening it was raining so she put on her jacket and took her Dora umbrella outisde on the patio, she was amazed that she wasn't getting wet while under the umbrella.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her out in the rain, but it was pretty cute.  After she had gone to bed I used the Dora umbrella to go across the street to the mailbox, it was handy to have since my umbrella is in the car.

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