Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"I am the princess"

Ahhh, Wednesday evening, it feels nice to know that over half of the work week is done!  I am finally getting caught up on my worklists at work from taking time off for me being sick, Allyson being sick and going all the way back to my trip to Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon last November.  Missing a day makes a big difference at this job, I may have been gone but the work keeps coming! 

Before leaving for work this morning I grabbed my grocery list since I planned on going to the store after work.  I planned on looking at the ads and adding more to the list while at work.  Well, I couldn't find the list while I was at work so I ended up just making a new one.  Sadly, I forgot that one on my desk!!  So instead I just went to the store with the bits I remembered from my list.  I think I bought twice as much as I planned and missed a couple of key items I wanted to get.  Allyson was not in the greatest mood at the store, but didn't really throw a fit until we left the store.  She refused to hold my hand so I carried her and pushed the cart through the slush caused by over 24 hours of rain/snow mix.  She screamed, it was lovley!  But when we got home we took our fusteration out on the slush and had fun stomping  in it and kicking it all through the parking lot with our boots.

After that she was better and we had a nice dinner together.  Just a simple meal tonight.  We split a cheese quesadilla, had pickles, strawberries, cottage cheese and grahm crackers.  Odd combination, but tasty.  After dinner we sorted laundry and managed to get 4 loads done... Well technically 2 loads are still in the dryer and nothing is folded, but they are clean.

As we were coming back downstairs to our apartment after changing out the loads Allyson was so silly.  She was wearing a wide pink headband, purple beaded necklace and carrying a magic wand.  As she walked down the stairs she could see her reflection in the glass doors on the landing between floors.  She was walking with her head held high like a princess and her magic wand up in the air; all while saying in a sing-song voice, "I am the princess" over and over, it was so cute.  She was so prim and proper.  I wish I had the camera with, but I'm sure if I had it, she would have quit immediately, it seems that is how it works. 

Bedtime was it's usual struggle.  She got up and went potty, then requested to sleep in her bed.  I was thinking, "GREAT, please do!" So I tucked her into her bed and read one story (making it clear it was going to be ONE story since it was already 9:20).  She threw an asolute fit so I tried the Super Nanny tatic of putting her back in bed with out saying much to her, twice.  The third time she yelled she wanted to sleep in my bed.  I said OK and I haven't heard from her in 25 minutes.  I know, I'm weak and I caved in.  I just like to keep the peace.

Tomorrow night is Ladies Night Out (LNO) with my girlfriends, I can't wait!!  We are meeting for a late supper and drinks at a Mexican restaurant.  I can almost taste my margarita.  Gives me something to look forward to tomorrow at work.

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