Friday, March 12, 2010

Mommy Time

Today after work Allyson and I stopped at our place to pack up her overnight bag.  She picked out her PJ's and told me she needed to take her MegaBlocks with.  I threw a few more things into her bag and we were off.  Mom and Dad are watching Allyson so I could enjoy an evening with my friends and not have to worry about waking her up when I pick her up.  They will watch her all day tomorrow too.

I met my scrapbook friends at a mexican restaurant for drinks and dinner.  We recently decided to start getting together once a month to just get out and have fun.  This time there were six of us able to attend; we were just missing one person.  We had a lot of fun, talking about mommy stuff, scrapbooking, shopping and all kinds of other stuff.  They are a great bunch of ladies and I have gotten some great advice from them.  We finished up around 9:30 (we're so crazy!) and then I headed out to Walmart for some solo shopping.  I think any mom of a two year old can appreciate how blissful a solo shopping trip can be.  No kids running around grabbing stuff, crying, yelling or even on a good trip Allyson usually gets a little restless in the store.  I browsed and browsed and looked at things I don't think I've looked at for years in a store.... Dishes, make-up, clothes, shoes, scrapbooking stuff, etc.  Of couse I ended up buying stuff for Allyson too, this time it was a few items for her easter basket.

Now I'm home, watching TV in my room and thinking about how I get to sleep about 1/2 hour longer tomorrow since I don't have to get Allyson ready and drive her to daycare. 

Mommy time is WONDERFUL!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a break!

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