Monday, March 22, 2010


All evening I've been putting off sitting down to type.  I'm just feeling a little uninspired I guess.  But I haven't updated in awhile so I figure I should just do it.  Here it goes....

Last Thursday could just be referred to as "Poop Day."  There was good poop and bad poop.  When I picked up Allyson from daycare J said that Allyson had gone poopy in the toilet!  Yippie, good poop!  I hugged her and told her how she was a big girl and I was so proud of her.  J had given her a cookie and really hooted an hollered about her accomplishment.  The other girls at daycare told her she could start wearing real panties soon and even showed her theirs so she knew what they were talking about.  For the record she had pooped on the potty once before, but it has been a couple of months since then.  We got home and had a nice evening, until the bad poopy.  I put Allyson in the bath and she was having such a wonderful time in there that I snuck upstairs and put a load of laundry and then started packing my bag for my scrapbooking trip (more on that later).  While I'm packing up my bag I hear her say something about poop.  I thought at first she was talking about the little toy dog she had taken into the bath with her.  She said something again so I went to the hall bathroom to check on her.  Then I saw it.  Poopy in the tub.  It is a mother's worst nightmare. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!  Luckily she had gotten out of the offensive water.  I made sure she was clean and set her down on the couch wrapped up in a towel.  Then I had to go back in there.  I'll spare the details other than to say it was gross.  Everything has been sanitized and beached; the tub is back in business.

Now this is not the first time this has happened.  A few months ago she pooped in the tub and I think I grabbed her out so quickly I traumatized her.  She was deathly afraid of the tub for about 2 months.  She had just gotten over that fear and now it happened again.  I was worried she was be afraid again, but I gave her a bath tonight and it went fine.  Before the incident a few months ago she had not done it since she was pretty much a baby.  Must be the warm water.  Anyway, we both survived.

Friday morning I took my sweet girl to daycare and then picked up my friend S.  We picked up fresh bread and some gormet tea and hit the road!  We were headed to a scrapbook weekend get-away with 26 other ladies.  We had the best time!  The facility we go to is perfect for scrapbooking and is affordable enough that I can afford to go for the weekend!  Perfect!  Friday we scrapbooked from about 10 am until around midnight, I think.... can't remember exactly when we stopped that evening.  Saturday morning we started at 8:30 and I went until my head hit the pillow at 1:53am!  Considering that we were in mountain time and I'm from central time, that was 2:53 "my time"!  Granted, I did take a 45 minute nap on Saturday, but it was still a long day.  Sunday we went from about 9:15 until 1:30pm when it was time to head home. Crazy, but so much fun.  I know many people wonder how we can go and scrapbook all day and night but so much of it is the social aspect of it too.  It is a whole weekend spent with friends.  Trust me, we pretty much cover every topic of conversation you can think of... and then a couple more!  I missed Allyson a lot.  She is such a sweet girl.  And just ask S how cute she is, everytime I looked at pictures I was putting on the page I'd say "oh, look at how cute she is here!"  Well, it's the truth.

When I picked Allyson up from Grandma and Papa's house she wasn't overjoyed to see me, which made me a little sad.  But I think she was tired after her nap and also she was crying when I got there because Grandma wouldn't let her put on her Easter dress.  But after awhile we were best buds again.  She had a great weekend there.  She went on walks outside, swimming at the Y with Grandma and all sorts of other fun stuff.   We both went to bed around 9:15 which was late for her but really early for me.  She was in a good mood when she got up today which made my day much better.  On the way to the garage this morning we could hear some birds chirping but it was still pretty dark outside so we could not see them.  Allyson said in a very loud, authorative voice, "Birdies! Where are you?  I can't see you!  Come here!" 

Work went pretty well today.  I think I did a pretty good job of getting caught up on everything after having been out on Friday.  After work I picked up Allyson and was pleased to hear that she had gone poopy on the toilet again!  She had gone in her Pull-Up's over the weekend.  I think that going poopy on the toilet will be a thing she does well at J's house for awhile before she starts doing it consistently at home.  Just like when she gave up her nur-nur and started going #1 on the toilet.  She seems to do things for J that she won't do for me at home, at least not for awhile.  I'm just happy she is finially catching on and starting to go in the toilet.

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