Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a fun and relaxing weekend!  We took off to visit Allyson's daddy and great-grandparents right after work on Friday.  I picked up a kids meal from Burger King for Allyson to snack on and keep her entertained for part of the trip.  It was really foggy for about 3/4 of our trip, so it was a little bit of a white knuckled drive for me.  On the two lane highway oncoming cars would just pop out of the fog all of the sudden.  But we made it safely before it got dark outside.   Grandma had made supper for us so I ate there, Alllyson was full from her chicken nuggets and apple fries... I think the meatloaf was better!

That evening Allyson's daddy, B, came over and they had a blast playing together.  B chased her around the house and she kept saying, "Do it again Daddy!"  Grandma brought out a bag of hand-me-down clothes from some wonderful relatives who give us all of their daughters old clothes.  It is such a blessing!  Allyson loved going through them and even tried a few things on because she "loves them SO much". 

Saturday we had a nice, relaxing day.  Allyson and B colored a couple of pictures, built pyramid out of Allyson's blocks and ran around the house some more.  She took a nice nap that afternoon.  I ran to the grocery store that afternoon which was alittle traumatic for Allyson, she didn't want to be comforted by B, but she would go to grandma for comfort.  The state class B girls basketball championship games were on that evening so we watched those. 

Sunday was more of the same, relaxing and playing.  Grandpa made us a delicious breakfast that morning.  After lunch B wanted to take Allyson to visit some friends and their kids, but she refused to go unless I went with, so I did.  By the time we got back to grandma's she was utterly exhausted, so we took off for home so she could sleep in the car. She was out before we even got on the highway!  Sunday evening we met mom and dad at church.  Allyson was pretty well behaved so we picked up ice-cream sundae's on the way home from church as a treat. 

Today it was back to work and back into our routine.  After work I made supper and Allyson watched Pocahontas.  I had brought in a box of 4T clothes that was stored in the garage to go though and wash for this spring and summer.  I am about 3/4 done sorting them, but the laundry will have to wait for another evening.  Allyson went to bed and only got up once after I put her down, that is a pretty good  bedtime for us!  I spoke too soon, she just yelled that she needed to go potty again so I helped her with that and got her settled in again.

Not much else is planned for this week, but I'm sure it will be busy none the less.
One guess who bought her the shirt!  Haha!

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